These works are partly funded by European Regional Development Funds.

Invitation to Tender for the coordination and delivery of an Off-Grid Rural EV charger with Bioheat

Bennamann Energy

Bennamann Energy harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and space-based satellite technology to manage biomethane production, metering, storage, collection, aggregation, and local distribution to energy consumers. The latter can include truck and heavy goods vehicle (HGV) fleet operators, farms and other rural businesses, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure operators and community and domestic consumers.


Bennamann Energy is undertaking a programme to develop and demonstrate technologies that will enable fugitive methane sourced from farm slurry to be used to deliver rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging in rural locations (without access to the power grid/the need to upgrade the power grid).  Additionally, the system provides better-than-net-zero bioheat for space/water heating domestic dwellings/office buildings.  As the system is powered by fugitive methane (86 x global warming potential than CO2) from slurry lagoons, capturing and consuming this potent greenhouse gas results in climate repair.

Our truly disruptive EV infrastructure solution will allow businesses and communities to scale their EV infrastructure to meet increasing demand without having to invest in rapid-charging infrastructure.  Three applications will be demonstrated: a farm-based EV charger; a village-based EV charger; and a domestic dwelling EV charger with biomethane and hot water provision for bioheat, and business models for their commercial roll-out will be developed.

The greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction delivered by the demonstrators will be estimated and verified and an assessment undertaken of the climate change mitigation potential of the technologies if rolled-out at scale across the Cornwall & IoS area.

Scope of Work

Bennamann is pleased to invite vendors to provide a firm price quotation to coordinate and deliver the following packages of work:

WP1: Requirement specifications for all aspects of the EV charger and bioheat application

  • This will include the technical, regulatory and safety specifications for all sub-systems and the complete integrated solution to ensure the EV charger and bioheat applications can be installed, commissioned and become operational at the three site locations.

WP2: Sub-system development

  • This will include the selection, contracting and management of the supply chain to ensure the sub-systems are delivered in accordance with the requirement specifications detailed in WP1.

WP3: Site installation

  • The integrated EV chargers and bioheat applications installed in the three site locations.

WP4: Testing, commissioning, and approvals

  • This will include the testing and commission of the integrated solution to demonstrate compliance against the technical, regulatory and safety requirements detailed in WP1
  • The conclusions of the testing and commissioning are to be appropriately documented and submitted to the relevant (if any) authorities to obtain the necessary approvals to enable the EV chargers and bioheat applications to become operational.

WP5: Project Management

  • The project is to be delivered in accordance with all relevant Bennamann processes and within the designated schedule and budget constraints.
  • Periodic progress and status updates are to be delivered to the Bennamann Management Team, the customer, and relevant stakeholders.


  • Start date: Immediately
  • Completion: June 2023

Successful Tender

The successful vendor will be able to demonstrate experience and expertise in the set-up, execution and management of development projects associated with the design, installation, and commissioning of EV charging stations.

Application Content

The applications should include:

  • Description of experience and expertise in being able to deliver this programme of work.
  • The firm price should be exclusive of VAT and provide a breakdown of labour (hours and rate) and materials.

How to Apply

Applications are to be emailed to

Please note that a manual confirmation email will be sent as receipt of application. Please call 0800 009 2963 if you do not receive an email after 2 working days.

The application will remain open for 10 days from the date of publication.