Bennamann Energy Ltd is the Bennamann Group’s trading company and was established to facilitate the marketing, sales and distribution of liquid biomethane and compressed biomethane gas on behalf of our customers.

The company harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and space-based satellite technology to manage biomethane production, metering, storage, collection, aggregation, and local distribution to energy consumers. The latter can include truck and heavy goods vehicle (HGV) fleet operators, farms and other rural businesses, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure operators and community and domestic consumers.

Through Bennamann Energy, Bennamann customers producing biomethane from organic farm waste or cut grass can relax in the knowledge that their liquid fuel and/or compressed gas production is being optimised, sold for the maximum economic gain, and distributed locally with minimum environmental impact.

Business and operational model for slurry manure based farm customers

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Business and operational model for grass to gas based customers

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